The Link Round-Up Post

This type of post is pretty simple.  It’s actually kind of a list post, but it’s a list of links that you like for some reason.  I advise you to focus on links that you like rather than links you don’t like.  Other bloggers and webmasters are sensitive if you write about them in a negative way.  So keep it classy and positive.

Here are some explanations of link round-up posts:

Link Roundups: Posts that Share with Others

The Art of the Link RoundUp

How to Write a Roundup Blog Post

5 Great Examples of Roundup Posts

Blog Exercises: Weekly Link Round-Ups

Here are some examples of link round-up posts:

The Beginning Writer: Link Round-Up

11 Great Blogging Tips: Links Round-Up

Sara Zarr: Writing is Different

For this post, you should include at least 5 links. With each link, you should provide a summary/overview and an explanation of why you chose this link.

When you link to another site, you should include the title of the post and then insert a hyperlink to direct your readers to that site. Highlight the text you want to include as a hyperlink and then click on the link icon.  If you are unsure about how to do this, here is a tutorial from Edublogs that explains the process.

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